The Web Directoress

I’ve got the idea to start two web directories. I had the idea last year, even the year before when I paid for software to set up a web directory. But, the set up is surprisingly detailed, kind of fussy and time consuming.  At least the way I see it all coming together.

I bought a new domain for an ASCII art directory. Partly because I do make my own ASCII art and I really do like it. Partly because I would like to see the old ASCII art from the newsgroups and beyond, saved. Most of the ASCII art collections I know of are extinct, abandoned or not getting much TLC any more. Last of all, I’m setting up an ASCII art directory because the posts I make with ASCII art get (by far) the most traffic on HubPages and my other blogs too. Makes me feel a bit bad for all the writing posts and the work I have put into that, but we have to deal with how things really are, not some dream version of how we want the world to be.

The other directory is going to be a Green Living History sort of thing. The focus will be on urban exploration with offshoots for related history and repurposing things. (Might include Pagan links too but I’m not really sure if I want to load more on my plate).

I think both directories can do well for bringing in Adsense/ Google ads. But, I don’t want to stick with that and hope for the best. That is the “so far” plan as far as advertising. But, I have looked at a couple of options which will require more looking at and thinking and planning.

I’m going to have to make graphics for the directories soon. I hadn’t even put that on the list yet.

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