The Water is Gone

The water is off here today. Looks like it will be awhile before we really have it back. Oh, the fun of living in a construction/ renovation zone yet again. Can’t say I missed it. The brother says the plumbing all needs to be replaced. Yet when we bought the house it was supposed to be free of any kind of major work needing to be done. Everything had already been done and done over new. I think part of this is the insurance company making claims about the plumbing being out of date or something. I was not giving it my full attention at the time. Now I wish I could stop giving it my full attention.

Going away for at least tomorrow. Will be nice to see the kids but not looking forward to sleeping on that damned couch. Graham says he will bring me back either Thursday or Friday morning. I vote for Thursday, I really do hate sleeping on that couch. At least I will see the kids and bring Christmas stuff out to them finally. I put something I had for Zack away and can’t remember where now, or even what it was.

I hope I can use the time in Newmarket to look at the LensCrafter in the mall. Now that I can get glasses paid for by the benefits at work I want to get them on order. I’d like to find frames almost the same as the ones I have now. Kind of an oval shape with a dark blue frame.

Also, Bell is still being a pain in the ass. Each time I think I have that account sorted out they come up with some new problem. Still can not get the concept of the one bill account even though it is their own thing. I’ve tried since August to get this done and they STILL can not get it right. January is the first month they have finally got the three services on one bill. But, just as I am thinking it is at last done they send me a collection notice for the internet account on the old account number which was never the right account number. I did not pay the other account because I was paying the freaking one bill account which I had asked them every freaking month to fix with all three services. So, even though they finally have the internet added on it is not really added on. Damned ignorant morons! Just let them keep billing the dead guy. See if they can find where he ended up.

Sounds like the guys are cleaning up some of the construction madness so we may be leaving soon. I should get everything packed up and ready to go for however long this will be. Feel it would be smart to also bring the number to call for missing a day at work as these renovation things tend to royally screw up my life in general.

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