The Unkindness of Maggots

nastytourgrrlWhy do some people take some kind of joy in picking on other people? Some are down right miserable nasty maggots about it. Others are more subtle and it’s not till you are walking away you realize they’ve just lasered off your arm with their sharp, mean comments.

I do not understand this kind of thinking. It’s why I don’t like working in an office or any kind of group really. I seem to be a sweet little target for these people. I’m nice you see. Often people assume someone nice is someone easy to hurt. Often we are. So we make a sweet, juicy target and they are sure they can get a nice reaction from us. Like having an allergy, we get all blotchy, swollen and emotional.

It is just pure nastiness. I have to hope there is some kind of ultimate judgment, whether a god, karma or something else entirely unknown to us mere mortals. I would like to think that this undeserved nastiness gets some kind of ultimate payback.

Yet, the only reason I can think that these people hurt others is cause they are so badly hurt themselves. It must be a way of striking out. It is cowardly though to strike at easy targets and not at the source of your misery. True you aren’t likely to overthrow the government and you can’t really do all that much about your parents, landlord and others who you owe something to and need their goodwill. That is not an excuse to attack a passerby, someone not doing anything at all to injure yourself.

It is a petty thing, to attack another person in this way. It is malicious. No matter their reasons for doing it I do hope they suffer for it later. Even if I have to suffer for wishing it. I hope all of those who have attacked nice people will suffer for it and in a bad way. I think they should be put on display in a glass case, to illustrate the word nasty. Let people walk by and point at them and cringe away from something nasty or just laugh cause they are behind glass and have at last lost their sting. It would be very good for them to be made harmless and understand how it feels to be at the whim of someone else, someone possibly as nasty as they were to others.

This post does not reflect the day I am having today. Just something I think of from past days.

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