The Turkeys were Eaten by Coyotes

We didn’t have turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. They were eaten by coyotes. The woman who raises turkeys locally called to let us know yesterday. Luckily we had just ordered several capons from the chicken man. So we unfroze one of those instead.

I am so tired now, even though I went to bed about 11:00 last night and just woke up a short time ago, around 7:00. Yesterday I was up at 5:30, began making bread, pies and generally peelling and chopping everything that came within range. In my life there are few vegetables or fruits I have not peeled or chopped at some point.

I could go back to bed now. But, oddly enough, I’m hungry. I was stuffed about as much as the capon yesterday afternoon. I didn’t think I’d be hungry for at least a day afterwards. Kind of like large predators who only eat every few days once they gorge themselves. But no. I am already thinking that cold chicken with some salt would make a good breakfast.

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