The Tree Stands Alone


The snowy tree across from the bus stop. Kind of a sad looking tree with branches hacked off to make room for the modern power lines. Funny how we are now, at this late date, getting the media alert about global warming. Now, when it’s frighteningly obvious we have put the planet into danger by our thoughtlessness or self-centredness. Poor tree. How backwards is it to mangle the trees instead of adjusting the artifical power lines.

My other thought for the day… why do people phone me using the speaker thing? I can’t hear you, moron! Pick up the bloody phone or just bug off and don’t call me. They are always phoning to sell something too. People who actually are calling me (those who actually know my name) make sure I can hear them. Why are the others so stupid? I have tried to hear them a few times, asking them to repeat what they say cause I can’t hear them at all. One got annoyed at me. Well, peeve you maggot-brain. I think it’s their way of getting through more calls quickly. If they don’t need to pick up the phone each time they can get through more spam calls that much faster. But, I can’t hear them. So, what are they really saving? It is aggravating. I just hang up on all of them now. Or, I don’t even answer the phone now that I have the answering machine. Damned idiots.

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