The Tail of the Tale?

Tina at The Creative Nerd posted a meme from Booking Through Thursday.

In general, do you prefer the beginnings of stories? Or the ends?

For me it’s the ending. I even skip ahead to read the end of the story while I’m still reading the book. Sometimes I even read some of the last page or two before I buy a book.

These days books seldom have an unhappy ending. Everyone has to win and the bad guys get punished. Pretty lame in reality. But that isn’t the issue at the moment. I like to be prepared for the ending as I read the book. I don’t want to like the evil, wicked people only to find out they get their feet placed into iron shoes from from the forge at the end of the story. (That was from a fairy tale, a very old story).

I also like the ending because I want to have that conclusion to the tale. I like when there is a real, solid, ending. I don’t mind a continuing story or a little mystery. But, if a book doesn’t have an ending it bugs me. I will automatically begin writing it a new ending in my own head. Continuing the story in my own way, giving them children, a home and making them Grandparents eventually if that’s what it takes.

The ending is the reward for the beginning.

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