The Red Sock Celebration Thing

Celebrations aren’t just for victories. Sometimes you should celebrate just getting out of the house and doing something. When you are having a bad day, feeling ordinary or not even that good, try a pair of red socks. At least that’s what Julia Cameron wrote in Supplies: A Pilot’s Manual for Creative Flight.

“Red socks are a great way to celebrate. It’s hard to be depressed, alienated and serious in a pair of snappy red socks. It’s hard to be self-important and cranky. God probably wears red socks.”

Although I do have quite a selection of socks, not many are red. I do like red shirts, red bedsheets and I have a reddish winter coat (which is getting kind of old and mangy looking). Celebrate or just put yourself back into life by wearing something red. On the days you least feel like wearing red especially, give yourself a pick-me-up in red.

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