The Problem with Work and Tunnel Vision

Time really flies when you don’t want to go into work. It’s already 11:00 and I should at the very least be dressed and brushed and standing at the bus stop. I’m not.

I am joining up to be an editor for Best of the Web, the new blog directory. Where I used to do the same editing and site reviewing for Dmoz as a volunteer I will now get paid. So that is a step in the right direction. Of course, we are not supposed to talk about it as if we are an employee so I won’t mention it again after this post. Or I will try not to. I’m really looking forward to the work. Listing good sites, finding good sites to list is something I have missed long before I ended my volunteer time with Dmoz.

I also found a new site/ network for my group addiction. It is called Diigo. The only downside is that they have you load your browser with yet another toolbar. I have too many now, they are giving my browser tunnel vision. I am going to find out if anyone has invented something to stick all your toolbars into one massive toolbar which lets you just scroll each one down when you actually want it. That would make my life brighter, less tunnel vision.

Also, I am resolving to do less personality quizzes. As fun as they are I don’t like that they are becoming my top tag in the tag cloud.

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