The Pic Phenomena

Once you see a guy’s picture online is anything really ever the same again? Doesn’t it spoil the whole damn cyber thing for you? It does for me. Pics (which is a term I loathe) have ruined cyber sex.

I think they push you to see their pictures cause they want you to like them, the real them. But, what they don’t get is that you aren’t there to love them, you don’t even have to like them all that much. You’re just there to tease, taunt and make use of them. What do you care how he really looks? It’s not like you’re planning to run down to the airport and meet him on the next inbound flight!

I enjoyed cybering when that was what it was. Intruding reality into it just warps it out of anything worthwhile. My fantasy creation is always better than the pictured reality.

So keep your damn pics. Don’t make me put you on ignore.

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