The Outback of Ontario

I’m about to venture forth into the Outback. I had planned to get out for breakfast this morning but now it’s 11:00am and breakfast will no longer be served without an extra dollar or so added. So that plan is done for. That’s ok, there are more options for luncheon places anyway. Now that my favourite place closed there really isn’t a great place to go out for breakfast in town.

I was thinking to drive out somewhere a bit. Maybe. It would be nice to get out and I’m not coughing and sneezing nearly as much now. I don’t think I could be a germ spreader still. I will be nice and careful too.

There are a few destinations in the realm of not so far away. I thought I would look at an online map for anything new I had forgotten. Do you know there is Southern Ontario, Nothern Ontario and the GTA? Well there are. However, here in the area north of the GTA and yet not north enough to be Northern Ontario we are kind of lost from the named map areas. We are on the map, don’t think we lack importance. But, we don’t have a real name when it comes to the direction stuff. So, I have decided to call this the Outback of Ontario.

Mainly because we are out back from just about every city known to people in Ontario. We are out back of Toronto. We are out back of Barrie and we are certainly out back of London and Orangeville and those towns. You can’t really say we are out back from Peterborough cause there is a lake in the way. You’d have to drive around it to get here so it’s not quite out back, according to me.

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