The Odes of Our Lives

Day three of babysitting, but no, only day two actually. It just seems like day three. I am so tired my eyes start to close as soon as I get comfortable sitting anywhere. Sleeping on that couch is the worst part of babysitting. I am so glad to get back to my own bed each time.

Glad to help out my sister and the kids but it’s turning into a job almost. Maybe next weekend will be slow for them. (Or slowish).

I have to get Sears to bring a new washing machine. I’m getting the hot potato treatment with this one for sure. First it’s the plumbing, it isn’t hooked up right. But it is. Then it’s in need of a part being replaced. That took 4 appointments (2 which they broke) and one month without a washing machine. Then it’s the electrical outlet, it’s reversed polarized. So I bring in someone to look at that, not someone from Sears. But, it’s not that. The outlet is fine, likely it’s the machine that is wired wrong. So that is about where I am with it. Likely it will be another month before I can get a new machine exchanged out and get it all installed yet again. I severely doubt I will ever deal with Sears again at this point. Not even for a paperclip.

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