The News

It’s been a long time since I updated. Things have changed, as things do. I bought a car, a Ford Tempo (93) for about $2,000. On Friday I heard back from Zellers, I got a job! Tomorrow afternoon I’m going in for an orientation session and then I will find out just what I’m doing and when.

For HerCorner I am lagging behind from October. In part due to the server move, in part due to just not getting two articles done on time.

My sister, Grace, has moved out to Vancouver. Men were here over the weekend to move her stuff out there. She had it all really well packed and ready so it just took them half an hour at the most to load it up and get on their way.

Not much other news. I’m tired tonight. I seem to be tired every night these past couple of months. I guess I’ve run low on my night owl-ness.

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