The New Paranormal Fiction is a Mystery

I’ve been noticing an interesting fiction genre, paranormal mysteries. Yes, a mystery with a ghost or haunted house is not new. Most of the Pagan/ paranormal mysteries begin with a stereotypical young woman who is a Witch and owns a bookstore/ sells antiques. It would be nice if they could stray away a little from that standard. But, it is somewhere for the paranormal writers to go as the current genre begins to age a bit and dig itself into a well worn rut.

I can see a paranormal mystery where the main character is a middle aged woman, an Earth Witch, administrative assistant by day and jewel thief by night, who just happens to be lurking in a closet when someone is murdered in the next room. She heard a few sounds, a voice and puts together a theory of what happened. But, she can’t go to the police to explain what she heard to the people investigating the murder. It would be possible to just forget the whole thing… but, how can she when karma is such a bitch?!!

I like it the blending of the paranormal women’s fiction with the mystery genre. I have always enjoyed mystery stories and science fiction/ urban fantasy. I’d like to see some of the well known paranormal fiction writers like Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, Genna Showalter, Kresley Cole, Mary Janice Davidson, Michelle Rowen and Katie MacAlister get into this.

Here are authors which I have found, so far. I am going to look for more next time I am browsing at the secondhand bookstore (still the best place to find old titles in any series you are reading).

Shirely Damsgaard

Madelyn Alt

Yasmin Galenorn

If you know of others, leave a name and link (if you have a Twitter or blog link for the author) in comments here.

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