The New Bed is Here!

The delivery guys were supposed to bring it in and assemble it but they left without doing any assembling. I worked on it. Took me a second try to get the frame for the right size. They have some new design than the last time I had a new bed. Of course, that was over ten years ago, easily ten years ago. So nice to have a bed and not be sleeping on the floor. I moved it around the room deciding where to put it but settled on the corner, vertically so I wouldn’t be walking around it each time I go through the door.

I included a photo of the bed garbage and the old futon standly forlornly along the wall ready for take out. I’m going to use it as a couch, somehow. I just need to figure out how it can do anything other than lie flat. I think there are at least two of the screws missing.

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