The Napkin Solution

The Napkin Solution

Lynn Lott

The I Ching card said, “Nothing is happening and you feel frustrated.”so I told myself that it was time for the napkin solution. I went to a restaurant (household napkins don’t work), put my napkin in front of me, and pretended I was planning a workshop on the subject of my book. Before the omelet arrived, I looked at my list of subjects and realized I had accidentally created the table of contents. Now everything I had written had a place to go.

I read this in ‘Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path’ by Lynn Lott and Nancy Pickard.

I’ve done this many times. I stopped using napkins and just bring along my own paper now. You can get a pad of paper at the Dollar Store and write endless notes, ideas and even draw your ideas. It fits into my purse and I have learned to keep a selection of pens (different shades of ink, different thicknesses of line, etc.)

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