The Most Intimate Space

What to babble about… what to babble about… So many choices; so many really dorky thoughts.

I smell strawberry jam tonight. It’s interesting cause there isn’t any strawberry jam here. It smells as if we were making it and have all the shiny red jars setting out on the counter to cool. We don’t. The real smell I’ve been smelling all day (each time I step outside) is pig manure. One of the farms around here had it very fresh a few days ago and it still hasn’t faded enough. Though if you’ve ever smelled pig manure you know the aroma can’t ever fade enough. It does make you have more thoughts about the whole bacon issue. Depending on just how cruel and mad scientist you are.

There are things I could babble about. We had a houseguest who says he never used the upstairs bathroom and shower and yet – the toilet flooded when we came home last night. I was the one standing there in horror and suspense watching the water rise and hoping it didn’t pour out. It came really close, another inch and it would have been on the floor. I wouldn’t have liked cleaning that at quarter to midnight when I was so tired I was ready to be zombified. Luckily I was spared. But we did try to fix it ourselves today and still ended up having a plumber come out and fix it and charge $80.

Of course said house guest maintains his choirboy-ness. My Mom thinks I’m just being suspicious and not-very-nice but I think he did it deliberately. He wasn’t a thoughtful guest. He ate two servings of the dinner before we even started dinner. He didn’t bring out his plate and silverware to be washed. Even the 10 year old boy had better manners. (My adorable nephew). He left the blow up bed with the sheets still rumpled however they were when he got up in the morning. He used the shower we told him not to use because it doesn’t work well and the taps don’t shut off. (We were away four days -that’s a lot of hot water pouring down the drain).

Anyway, I think he got pissy becuase he is nosy and didn’t like that I locked my bedroom door all the time he was here. I locked it again when we left that morning so he never got in to snoop around. Jerk! Why do people want to snoop? I never do that when I go to someone’s house. My ex used to think it would be interesting to break into someone’s house and look through their drawers, closets and so on. I never even had the idea to do that. It’s just not something I would do.

It’s enough that I didn’t tell him to get lost when he asked me leading questions or made comments about things in my past (like my marriage, my Witchery and my ex and so on). I just don’t think it was any of his business. I’ve only met him once before and didn’t feel really close to him, or feel much liking for him. He likes to keep notes and corellated files on everyone. It likely did bug him that I restricted access to my most private and intimate space. But, bug off, no guy should feel he has the right to enter a woman’s bedroom without an invitation.

So, I thought I wouldn’t blab about all of that but I did. After all I can tell you whatever I want. I could tell you I just got back from a trip to Mars and for all you know I did!

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