The Morning Catch 22

I realized this morning, if I sell my car I could afford to keep it. Here I’ve been worrying and trying to come up with a plan for paying the insurance, license sticker, emissions test (and possible repairs to pass the emissions test) but all along the solution was right on the driveway. I can sell the car! Problems solved!

Now, where will I put the sticker?

Great Things Happened Today.. Somewhere

So how do you like the great new template? I slaved my fingers to the bone on this keyboard coming up with this latest treasure in blog templates.

What do you mean you can’t see anything? Are you the Emperor? Do you need special glasses?

Well, ok… I didn’t quite do anything yet. I thought about it however. Don’t think I didn’t. It’s the thought that counts. If only I made a dollar for every thought, I’d be worried about hiding all that money from the government.

I am tired. Why don’t I just go to bed? I know why. Cause bed is an empty wasteland. Sleeping is boring. Sex is becoming a bit too predictable when I’m the only one here. I’m beginning to tell myself I have a headache so I will just back off and leave me alone tonight.

Oh well. Good night. I’ll feel kind of stupid if I wake up here in a few hours. Not to mention the keyboard impression I’d be wearing all day.

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