The Mess Meme

Digital Polaroid has a Mess Meme. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do it. I have a really big mess. I could clean it up first of course but that would be kind of beside the point. I keep the house clean, bathroom, kitchen and all the rest. It’s only my own bedroom, the place most personal to me that looks like a bomb hit it. Why is that? It must show something about me.

If I post a photo for the Mess Meme you’ll see it here first.

The Meme works this way:
1 Just post you favourite mess in your blog.
2 Write “WHAT A MESS!” somewhere and link back.
3 Come back here and leave a comment (just a “Come and see my mess” will be enough) so others can take a peek.
4 The thing is to share each other messes’ (this could be sometimes embarrasing, but it is allowed to lie, saying “This is not my bedroom”, for example).
5 You can add your mess any given day, just look for the latest WHAT A MESS! post in this blog.

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