The Meaning of Grrl

There are probably people out there who see ‘grrl’ and think I’m just a really bad speller. I’m a fairly good speller actually. Grrl is not a typo (a typographical error, for those who stopped to wonder). Grrl is a fun way to say girl when you mean woman but don’t want to go into all of that. You see, woman is such a complicated word. Being a woman is hard enough without actually calling yourself a woman all the time. It’s simpler to just not think about it all at once.

So someone invented Grrl. It may have been Bonnie, I’m not 100% sure if she started the word itself or was just the first one to pick it up as a web domain. I’ve met Bonnie, online. She does justice to Grrl. She’s fun and yet not an air head. She’s doing things, accomplishing things and getting somewhere. She’s a Grrl and a woman. But, grrl just takes off some of the pressure of being a woman.

You see, women are supposed to be Super. That’s super with a capital ‘S’ you notice. Not just any super. Super Woman! It is not easy being Super. You don’t get many days off, none really. You don’t get to hide in bed and cover your head and pretend the world went away. You don’t get the chance to do-over, use the backspace key or shift the workload. Super woman has to do it all, every day. Who can be that?

Grrls are imperfect and glad of it. We still have our personal power, our goals and our great moments, we just get to take the odd day off, goof up sometimes and have a lot more fun. Grrls are not girls however, don’t be confused. Girls are children. Grrls are women, just not crushed into the weight of the Iron Maiden of woman.

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