The Magazine that Disappeared

Once upon a time I bought the premiere issue of a magazine called Perspective. It was to be for women who are not your everyday supermodel type woman. After that it seemed to disappear. I never found another issue.

Here is what they wrote about their magazine, how they intended to go on.

Finally, a women’s magazine that honors all women and celebrates the essence of who they are, beyond how they look.

She raises children, maintains the home, follows her own career path, and supports many relationships. Yet with so many fires to tend, the one most neglected – the one most important for the sustenance of the rest – is the fire of the spirit of the woman herself. Beyond the hairdo. Underneath the make-up. Aside from fashion. There is a real woman, living, loving, and creating. She is on the path or discovering and developing her true self. She is cultivating her femininity while reclaiming her power, her voice, her body, her life – so she may experience her journey to the fullest and most joyous extreme. Perspective offers information and tools to assist in the processes of self care, compassionate living, passionate loving, and joyful fulfillmnet, helping today’s woman realize these principles as a mean and an end to meeting her deepest needs and desires as a woman.

Mission Statement: Contemporary and intelligent, Perspective is an informative guide empowering today’s woman to embrace their femininity and connect with their spirituality. Our mission is to provide a vehicle for premium editorial to reach mainstream women currently lacking a resource for messages and products of substance. Assisting women on their journey toward fulfillment, Perspective supports the value of every woman. It is our goal to give each reader the empowerment and inspiration to realize her own greatness.

High ideals, it’s too bad they couldn’t get it off the ground.

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