The Leprechaun and His Gold Coins

A leprechaun has attached himself to your ankle. He says he is protesting green eggs and ham being served on St. Patrick’s Day. No matter how you try to explain you don’t know where anyone is serving green eggs and ham he just isn’t listening and only wraps on tighter around your ankle. He’s really getting annoying for such a little person.

Dragging him along, people giving you nasty looks as if you were dragging a child, you notice a pub serving green beer. Hoping this is your chance to get rid of O’Leprechaun, you clamber inside. Seeing and smelling the beer your ankle biter decamps for a bar stool. With a quick sigh of relief you are out the door and down the street, getting lost in the crowd.

Somewhere during the day you look down at your feet and there is that little ankle bait again! Says he isn’t that easy to get rid of. Your first thought is to put your foot in the toilet and see him try to survive the whirlpool. That should give him something to figure out. But he smiles sweetly and offers you a piece of gold. Of course, in classic leprechaun style it turns out to be a chocolate coin, but… it’s really good chocolate.

Is it worth keeping an annoying ankle biting leprechaun just to have free gold chocolate coins?

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