The GoodWill Book Grrl Under the Stairs

I attended the Toronto BookCrossing monthly meeting today. I actually got there this time. No last minute phone call from my sister and I did not let myself cramp out even though I was feeling pretty zoned out on the bus trip there. I had a good time. It was really expensive, I was not expecting to spend $20 for a club sandwich and coffee. With the tip you are auto charged and the bank machine fee (cause they don’t give you that option either) it came to just over $20. I was hugely not impressed with that. The bank machine thing is a scam and so is the tip thing. That was the only thing that peeved me about the day though.

I liked the BookCrossing people and I will go again next month. I was happy that almost all the books I brought were taken home by someone. It was interesting that people belittled the paranormal romances yet they were interested in them too. I think it’s just not something you feel comfortable taking seriously. Like reading a Harlequin Romance, there is a stereotype about lonely, desperate or old women who read such a thing. It’s silly, but it’s out there. I was interested in hearing people talk about the books and their adventures in general. I tried not to blab too much cause I’m never sure if I’m blabbing too much. I’ve been told I’m too quiet and yet when I do talk I feel like I’m butting in and taking over the conversation.

On the way home I took photos of some old buildings and trim of old buildings. See below. I walked down to Church Street, some exercise but not a lot cause it’s muddy and I was wearing longish pants which likely got as muddy as my shoes were getting. Interesting that it was grey clay mud though. I sometimes wonder about the dirt and other things (maybe old relics, graves and remains of trees/ caves/ etc) which are underground, under the city. So much could be buried forever cause it’s highly unlikely Toronto will move so we can take a good look. Yet, as long as it has been a traffic centre for the white settlers it was likely busy earlier for other peoples. Usually there is a reason a city develops in a certain location.

Anyway, I stopped at GoodWill along the way, on Gerrard and Coxwell. That Gerrard streetcar goes past two GoodWill stores. How lovely! The store I went to today was a good one, lots of books. Its a shame I was there only an hour or less before they were trying to close. I had a good look at the books but only a little of anything else. Of course, I bought more books. Don’t tell my brother. It was silly to buy anything. I’m getting down to the money crunch and it’s not even half way through the month. I got fed up with money worries though and I knew when I walked into the GoodWill I was just thumbing my nose at all of it. I can regret it later when I’m eating tomato soup for a week. Not that that will hurt, certainly makes it easy to drop more pounds.

I found one hard cover book about women writing journals/ diaries, Reading Between the Lines. It’s even by a Canadian, Betty Jane Wylie. She also wrote The Write Track for Canadian freelance writers. I have that one, on my shelf of books I have only browsed so far. I think I need at least one more life to read everything I have wanted to read.

The people upstairs have people over, noisy people. No loud music so far but they are not making any effort as far as their usual stomping around and dragging furniture over the floors. To continue calling them elephants is unfair to the animals. But, this began before I left for the BookCrossing meeting and is still ongoing even now that I have been back a couple of hours. I hope they don’t plan on keeping this up late into the night again. I guarantee if the music goes on I will be switching off the power. Bite me! There is no need to be so inconsiderate when they know I am living here. Take off your damned shoes and pick up your feet!!

I think I will give them until 10:00 before the power goes off. Depending on how long I can last before I get a headache this time. Or, I may just find myself in an evil mood… I’m kind of looking forward to their surprise when the music suddenly goes off.

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