The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing

I just finished reading this one by Melissa Bank. I picked it for the title. At first I really thought it would be a hunting guide geared to women. It was, but not hunting deer and other furry, four legged creatures. I had to add the part about four legged creatures cause I realized some of the two legged creatures would be considered on the furry side too. Dating is so complicated…

Too bad you can’t just import a groom/ husband the way men do. I think they pick those Asian and European women cause they expect them to be kind of old fashioned and obediant – easy to get what they want from them. Of course, it helps that the women are almost completely dependent on their sponsors. I don’t really think I would want a guy on those terms. It takes all the fun out of the battle of the sexes. A game is only fun if you know you might not win.

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