The Further Chronicles of Bloggia

Today I’m watching a Terminator marathon on the Space channel. All the first season of the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think most interesting part of the show is the robot which Summer Glau does. Interesting about how she has a mysterious background and is already more human than any of the other robots. Also, how she becomes more human and yet is still a robot too. Anyway, I just like an interesting story about people, even if they are robots. Or maybe more if they are robots cause I have always had a soft spot for robots and aliens.

I found out that the template I bought for Word Grrls isn’t all original work. The graphic for the header is pretty much for rent to anyone who pays something for it. I had thought it was part of an original design. So I’m disappointed. I guess if I were smarter I would have known that, not assumed otherwise. So that makes it a bit easier to decide about what to do with the blogginess. I still need a name for it but I’m going to go with a blog about blogging, sort of. I need a name and a slant, twist to make it uniquely me and not so much of clone of so many others out there.

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