The Fountain of Youth Mislaid?

I don’t feel pressured about getting older, too much. But if I sit here quietly and let the thoughts creep in, I do begin to understand how some people are getting upset and panicked about aging as we hit close to the age of 50, 60 or whatever the mileage happens to be for you.

What sign of age makes you feel old? I’ve got chin whiskers which I pluck out now and then (as I feel them), grey hairs which I decided to colour when plucking them out began to seem a bit silly for someone my age. But, the only thing that makes me feel old is my actual number of years. I will be 45 this year, much later this year but still it is on the final approach. You just can’t stop time. Not yet anyway.

So, what makes you feel old? Is it something you can pluck out or are you stuck with it?

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