The Entrecard Widget is Gone from my Blogs

I’ve left Entrecard after a lot of loyalty and hope for things to grow and improve there. I did not take the decision lightly but it is based on something I feel strongly about though my opinions have weathered some storms and changes.

I strongly feel that a forum or blog owner must moderate comments and posts made by readers and users of the forum. It is a responsibility of the site owner to keep things civil and flowing. Also, they have the right to choose what is appropriate and what is not. However, no one should have their voice taken away based on their status, even if that is user status for the site or network. Being new to a site does not mean you should be ignored or not allowed to speak. I think a lot of people at EC will not have bought over 400 ads.

I don’t know what my own status would be as far as that goes. I am not waiting to be approved or rejected based on the amount of ads I have bought. I asked for my account to be terminated and allowed them to do what they will with my remaining credits. There is a rumour that the moderators are stealing credits from abandoned or deleted accounts. Just a rumour but would not surprise me to know some are giving in to temptation. A lot of things going on with online networks are based on greed and opportunity. It is not easy to find one which has real ethics it stands behind.
This is the note I left at Entrecard:

Please delete my account. I’ve been loyal to EC for a long time but having to be approved to join the forum to have a voice at EC has crossed the line for me. I’m not asking to be approved or rejected I’m just done here. Any mods can take my credits – as I have heard they are doing anyway. Good luck to EC but Graham has gone far too far this time. My widgets will be taken down as soon as I send this note.

I think anyone upset with the way things are going at Entrecard should join the forums at CMF Ads. Even if you are not sure about using the ad exchange network there the forums are good. There is a real exchange of information and fun with bloggers, not all the talk is about CMF Ads.

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