The End of TV Commericals?

On the CBC news site:

A proposal by Canada’s broadcasting networks to charge cable and satellite companies fees to carry their signals is one of the more contentious items on the agenda as the CRTC begins a major TV policy review Monday.

The broadcast regulator is hearing submissions on what the networks call “subscription fees.” The cable and satellite industry has another name for them — a “tax” on TV signals that Canadians now get for free.

So-called carriage fees, if approved, would see Canadians pay several dollars more a month on their cable or satellite bills for local channels from such broadcasters as CTV, CanWest, CBC and CHUMCity.

Doesn’t it seem they should get rid of the commercials then? If we’re paying for the channels why should we still be stuck viewing commericials which only make money for the TV networks. Think how much time would be saved if you didn’t have commericals every few minutes cutting into the TV shows and movies you watch. Think how much easier it would be to tape your favourite shows, commerical free. If they want to be paid then we shouldn’t be spammed.

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