The End for Book Reading?

Avid Reader 007I found this link on Scoop.It: Publishing.

Is this the end for books? | Books | The Guardian.

Certainly, electronic books have overcome their technological obstacles. Page turns are fast enough, battery life is long enough, and screens are legible in sunlight. Digital sales now account for 14% of Penguin’s business. But there are reasons to reject the idea that the extinction of the printed book is just around the corner, just as there were reasons to reject the notion that e-books would never catch on because you couldn’t read them in the bath and, y’know, books are such lovely objects.

I believe reading will be around in one form or another. Books have been a part of our world for such a long time they can’t just fade away too quickly. But, things do change. Think of the current generation of teenagers. How many of them have every played a record, dialed a rotary phone…?

For me, reading a paperback book is my own style of comfort food (without the calories and concern about cholesterol). I read in bed, late at night. I read at the coffee shop. I never need to worry about a paperback book falling off my bed when I fall asleep reading. I don’t feel too bad if I shove around a book in my purse and get it a little dog-eared. It’s just been a bit more well read, enjoyed.

Digital technology is changing how we read as well as what we read. People are impatient, expecting near instant feedback to emails. Attention spans are getting shorter as well. How long will it take before people can’t focus long enough to read at all? Everything will become visual in order to catch attention and keep it long enough to drill their message/ information into wandering minds. Already there is too much information, an overload of distractions.

I think we need to keep our brains able to read a good book. To wind down, focus on something for a longer time period and become more involved than just on the surface level.

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