The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge

dusty bookshelf 2012I have too many books to make a list. I don’t want to spend that kind of time on making a list, it just leaves me feeling guilty for not reading the books yet. However, this year I have actually started reading some of the books. My unread books are mainly non-fiction. I read the fiction then exchange them for more fiction at the secondhand bookstore. It’s the non-fiction that pile up, full of good intentions and rusty dreams for my own might-have-beens.

I started this challenge for me. It’s a dream of mine to look at my bookshelf and say unequivocally and without exception, “I’ve read all those books.” And some of those books have been sitting on my shelf for a LONG time. Hence the name 🙂 I would love it if you joined me for my challenge! To make it fun, I’m going to have mini-challenges throughout the year (with giveaways!) to keep you motivated to keep reading those books! There’s also a giveaway for everyone who enters this challenge.

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