The Delights of Personal Grooming of the Feet

monstertaxidermyThis is going to sound silly but I really like the feeling of having my toenails freshly cut. I don’t know why. It must be like a horse freshly trimmed by the blacksmith. I’m really glad I don’t have to wear iron shoes.

My family seem to have a bare foot thing. Most of them get in the door and take off their footwear before anything else. Then the socks just disappear. At my sister’s house, with four kids, you can find discarded socks in every room. They get in the oddest places at times. Of course, Zack is the most inventive sock remover.

Right now I am wearing slippers. I like them cause they literally just slip on. I’d guess that’s how they got the name, slippers. Last night, after a shower, I cut all my toenails, as short as I could get them. So now my toes are quite happy and cozy inside the slippers. When I get up to make coffee again I will feel my toes curl and squish around inside the slippers, unhindered by toenails that dig in or scrape against the sides of my slippers. That’s an icky feeling, like I’m some kind of creature with long claws or talons on my feet.

What would it be like to have claws and/ or talons? Imagine you were a gargoyle, a dragon, a huge bird or something else that has claws. Think of all the ways your life would be different. Not just the basic, people staring at you, but the simple everyday things that would be affected.

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