The Chocolate Ice Cream Cure

icecreamgrrlAlthough I’m not completely cured I feel human and less zombie tonight. I think it was chocolate ice cream that made the difference. I tried just being really stoic. I tried Tylenol for the fever. I tried to sleep. I tried holding my nose to prevent the constant drippage. I tried yet more Tylenol for the fever and headache. I tried explaining to Mother Nature that this really was not a good thing and was not making me feel especially kind towards my fellow humans who spread these germs to me.

But this afternoon it was after I ate chocolate ice cream (right from the container no less) that I began to feel better. Lesson learned, diets suck and will not cure the common cold, flu, whatever that zombie thing was.

Tomorrow I have to leave for Newmarket again, the town where the cold thing originated. But, the stairs are being painted here so I will be trapped if I don’t escape first. I will be back on Monday. I have an appointment Monday afternoon.

For now, I think I feel a touch of fever coming back. I can either… get to bed and try more Tylenol… or eat more ice cream. Which would you do? Get serious!

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