The Chirpy Cricket

I’m looking forward to watching Canadian Idol tonight. They are down to just 3 of them now. Sad to see Chad leave last week. I really thought he was going to be the one to win this year. I didn’t appreciate him earlier on in the show but he began to grow on me. He has a very unique sounding voice and his overall look too is on the villanous side. He would be a very interesting actor but he’d always be some devious villan.

Anyway, I am beginning to collect and finish things up so I can watch the show in about 15 minutes. However, tonight I have a friend, somewhere in the room. I haven’t seen him or her yet but I have been listening to them singing this afternoon. It’s a cricket, for those who haven’t already guessed. As long as he doesn’t get the idea to bother me, or jump out at me I am okay with leaving it alone in here. Just one more singer tonight. Though he doesn’t have the right look to win Canadian Idol.

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