The Challenge of Being a Personal Blogger

The challenge of being a personal blogger is keeping it that way. I enjoy the added challenge of building my site and traffic and seeing it grow. I understand that most people are going to be lurkers, I don’t comment on every single post or blog I stop at after all. So having a web counter gives you that little boost to see that it’s not just yourself and a few friends reading your blog.

But, once you get traffic others want to benefit from it. People seem to expect they have every right to perch like a cow bird on my blog. I don’t understand their attitude. It seems very arrogant to think I should want them here. I don’t.

I get at least 2 or 3 emails each week from someone “writing for a client” or themselves telling me what a great favour they can do for me by putting ads on my site. Do you see ads on my site? Other than the one text ad thing which says I will make $1.91 eventually, there aren’t any ads here. I could understand their attitude that I would want their ads if I was running an ad farm. But, I’m not. So clue in and try another blog.

What really really does peeve me, far more, are those who want to be my friend. Do you even know my name? No. How can you be my friend when you know nothing about me. You wouldn’t miss me if I was hit by a bus an hour from now. The only impact my absense would have is the worth of having a link to my blog traffic. So peeve off and befriend some rock or something. I only want to be friends with people who at least have the interest in making a return visit and actually reading some of my blabbering.

I use my Technorati list for blogs _ I _ read. Yes, me, not you. I do not use it as a way of trading links. I do not expect anyone on that list to link back to me. It is nice if they do, I don’t check into it. That list is for me. It is a list for me. Hope that helps some of those people who think they are my friends and should be added to my blogroll because we are such great friends. I don’t trade links on my blogroll. Of course, it would be nice if any of those friends would read this. They won’t. They don’t read blogs they just use them.

Anyway, that is my little rant except for one last point.

The problem with having a personal blog and the ego to find traffic is that you put time and energy into promoting it and don’t always have time and energy to post to it. Kind of silly. I aim to post each day but some days I am cheating to get content. I would prefer all my posts to be real blog entries and geeky looking stick figure drawings. But, I work, I have laundry and I like to sleep at least once every 24 hours or so. Some days a cheat is all I can do. But, I try to make them interesting cheats, not just another cheap cheat. 🙂

So there are my thoughts about blogging today. It’s not easy being a personal blogger in a world of monetizing mania. But I’m not forgetting what I liked about blogging in the first place and I’m sticking to being a personal blogger, with pride in creating for myself and those who wander in for a look.

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