The Car Thing

Sounds like I will be driving next week or sooner maybe. I will be so glad not to be putting so much of my pay cheque into taxi fares.

I’ve been playing around with Dreamweaver today. I downloaded the new Adobe version, it’s very nice though maybe too many bells and whistles to make it easy to find your way around. I do like it though. I also have an old copy I burned to a disk of a trial for the last Macromedia version. Then the third one is Dreamweaver 4 which I spotted at a GoodWill not so long ago. None of them are just what I would like. I do plan to play around with them more. I have all the guide books that came with Dreamweaver 4 so that might help me find the gadgets available in that software. It doesn’t have much focus on using CSS and that was the important part to me. The Adobe version is nice for CSS templates but to buy it these days is $400, far more than it used to be when it was Macromedia software.

I went out today, took a taxi to and from the grocery store. Went out for a late breakfast, kind of a “Sunday” thing to do before my work week starts again tomorrow.

The workmen were out for the city of Barrie cutting down a tree on the neighbours yard. It must have gotten in the way of the power lines. Sad to see a tree get cut right down to the ground from it’s lofty heights. It is all gone now. Took them most of the day. I wondered if they were going to cut the one on our front lawn too. It’s also getting close to tangling with the power lines.

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