The Bug Who Would Not be Flushed

There once was a large, black flying beetle who had great pride in his wings and the speed and agility he practiced every day of his bewinged life. One day, as happens in a bug’s life now and then, he was swatted by a human. While still dazed he was caught in tissue then (without so much as a polite wave good-bye), flushed down the toilet and into the drains.

This unordinary beetle was just not going to be disposed of so easily and carelessly by the humans! He felt completely offended. He swam, crawled, squirmed and generally fought his way back up and out of the water pipes. Then he told other bugs about it. He became a hero to bugs everywhere. A legend in his own time. He preached bug independence and liberty for all bugkind.

He was right in the middle of a great speech empowering bugs to stand up for themselves when a runaway shopping cart squished him. There was nothing to fight that time, he was just flattened and kind of messy.

Anyway, beware pesky humans, there’s another million or so bugs born every minute.

This story dedicated to the really yucky big black flying beetle I smacked with a magazine and then flushed for good riddance tonight.

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