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Anyone nominate me? 😀

Well, maybe 2006. By that time I might have learned enough code to sharpen up this site. I’d like to put a graphic up there to get rid of that annoying chunk of white space. Maybe on Thursday when I’m not working….

See ya! Off to work and spending time with Zack after work.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs – Spread the word

An interesting theory.

Who knows, who will ever know?

Laura’s Thought for the Day: For People who Don’t Have Enough of their Own…

I just thought it was a cute title.

Do you ever wonder about people who were never born? Maybe it’s because my Mom lost a baby (a miscarriage during moving to another house) but I do seem to think about unborn people every now and then.

What might they have invented, written… how would their lives have affected the world at large? Maybe they wouldn’t have made as much as a tiny scratch in the paint. Who knows, who will ever know?

Understated wit is so elegant.

JM Spoofe – About Me

Best About Me page I’ve read in ages.

“Life’s more enjoyable if you pretend that you have an audience.” Spoofe.

I’ve done that too. Why else would anyone, from the midst of the masses of the unfamous, put up a blog?

“So, that’s about it. I hate writing conclusions to things like this, so I’m simply going to stop writing. If you were expecting some sort of witty zinger to follow this all up, then I apologize.”

Don’t know who Jeff will become but it would be interesting to follow the journey. Understated wit is so elegant.

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