The Big Red Phone Caller Zapping Button

I began paying for my current phone number almost a year ago, June 2006. Yet, I still get calls for people I have never met and certainly do not share an address with. Wrong numbers. I don’t mind a few calls like this. But they are endless. I can count on at least two every day, weekends included. It is annoying to answer the phone at this point. I usually just let it ring and filter the calls with an answering machine. I can count on only one in fifty actually being for me. Half are spam but even they are asking for someone else. They think I am someone who filled out a contest for something I have zero interest in or they think I’m the homeowner or I am signed up with their financial services, etc. It’s annoying.

Ordinary spam calls are aggravating enough but I get more than double that cause they think at least three other people have this phone number. Each time I talk to one of them I ask to be removed from their calling list. It isn’t making much difference and this is nearly a year since I began using the number.

I would like the option of zapping them all. Just a little electrical shock. Not something to really hurt them. Just a little jolt to give them the idea that calling my number is bad. A bad idea with a little pain too. Not quite enough to make their eyes bug out but maybe at least some of their hair could stand on end.

The ones that peeve me the most though… they get the full shock treatment. Those are the ones who call and then hang up on me before I can ask them to stop calling my number. That’s just plain rude after I drop everything to answer their damned call. Ignorance like that must be punished, severely. Just the idea of a big red button near my phone is making me feel better already.

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