The Best Ships are Friendships

I just posted to Skye’s blog post about friends.

I’m a friend vagabond. While each relationship lasts I put a lot of myself into it. But, things change, people move and disappear from your life. I don’t spend too much time looking backwards when there are always new people and experiences ahead.

No one should feel bad about a lost friend. Instead feel good about the friends you have in the here and now. Make the best of who you know now and offer them the best you can give of yourself. You never know the impact you may have one someone else.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into having or keeping friends. I have met so many people in my life, some I do think about still and wish I knew how life turned out for them. But, I don’t seem fated to be someone who keeps any lifelong friends. I always think that is nice when I see it in movies and such. It may help that a lot of those people stay in the same place, together. I was born in Toronto and moved all over Ontario plus some time in British Columbia, the Dominican Republic and Illinois, USA. You can’t keep friendships when your life is some weird game of bumper cars.

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