The Adventure of Cooking Potatoes

Cooking potatoes is pretty simple and yet… you can do it with a flourish, with some extra style and you can even cook potatoes while pretending you are hosting your own cooking show. Of course, you may want to pick a day when no one else is home. Or, you might like a real live audience (that part is up to you!).

Today I am cooking potatoes, then mashing potatoes and then layering and smoothing potatoes to be the crusty bits for a meat pie type of plan for dinner. It would not be fair to shepherds to call it an official Shepherd’s Pie. I am adding ideas of my own, of course. A little experiment in potatoes.

It is fun in a silly way. It makes me laugh at myself. It gives me a chance to explore new methods of potato cookery. Life is good when you can boil, smash, smush and eventually eat a potato of your own making. Go all out and tell your viewers all about your great plans in potato-ness. It’s fun and creative, even without a script. Sometimes you just need to stand up and create on the fly. (The spur of the moment, for those who might thing I’ve decided to cook flies with my potatoes).

Write about your own adventures in potato cooking and hosting your own cooking show.

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