The 1A Post Title Here

A Book Inside has written about How to Write a Great and Effective Title:

Keep in mind; starting with the letter A is not mandatory for higher placements in listings online. For instance, starting with the letter D is good, C is better, B is great, but A is the best. Also, numbers generally precede letters in Web listings. 101 Ways to Learn the Game of Golf would be listed before An Easy Way to Learn the Game of Golf.

It may help you get ahead in a list of titles but choosing a title for your blog, your book or anything else is not really in your best interests. Think about it. What kind of quality information is going to be in a book where the marketing is more important than the book/ information itself.

Even in a blog or book about marketing I don’t think a title based on being first in a list or using keywords is a smart choice. To me it shows a lack of real integrity and gives the impression of insincerity and artificialness. I would not want to put my time into writing something I had put my heart into only to show it off as something that looks like a marketing campaign, fluff.

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