thatgrrl circa 1996

I had this domain almost 20 years ago. Let it go, or had it taken, I forget which really. But, it came back up on the domain search and I thought it would be fun to have it again. I might dig up my old HTML files and put up the old site again. (Minus the links to other sites, which will mostly be broken now). But, I have a lot of posts saved from so many sites I have written for or created myself. They could have a new home, a central location. An archive of myself for however long I last.

For those who want to know something about me, well, why? I’m no one really. Born and always lived in Ontario, Canada. Except for some years and months living in the Dominican Republic and the United States (married a US man and immigrated there awhile).  I really like Canada and being Canadian. Not perfect and there are things I would change if I were some kind of world domination ruler sort of person. Outside of my own fiction/ daydreams, of course. Overall, Canada is a good place to be.

At this time I am over 50 years of age. Not senile. Not especially physically fit but not near death. I can sew, cook and clean but I don’t have an obsession with cleaning or germs. Some say I may be a hoarder but I think its lack of space. I live in a small house with my Mother, helping her for the last dozen or so years. I live in one room with a lifetime (or thereabouts) of stuff. So much I’ve let go of, had thrown out, lost, and etc. It’s kind of nice to forget things, harder to remember them when they are gone. Like people.

Anyway, here we are. I’ve been online since 1996.

Laura Brown

I had an older account on Blogger but I deleted it (during my divorce) and the contents of the sites I wrote. I’ve tried to find them, no luck.

Blogger profile – one and two.