That Woman in Mirror

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

You have been with you all your years. When you look in the mirror now, do you see yourself looking back or is it some one you kind of know. Maybe the eyes are familiar. Maybe you remember seeing that kid around, wasn’t it a momentary flash in a store window last week?

We have changed so much, the physical appearance and our feelings about ourselves. It’s strange to look in the mirror some mornings and not really see yourself looking back. My hair is grey-free as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have chin whiskers either, my Mother has those, not me.

Today I was looking in the mirror and I thought about things I’d tell that woman, if I knew her. Oddly enough I know a lot about her. She needs to figure a few things out and then get more things done. She needs to find a way to get rid of a massive amount of anger which she keeps buried inside and locked away in a lead room. She needs to clean the house, scatter the dust bunnies at the very least. Proactive should become her new theme word.

I’d tell her all this and more, if I knew just who she is.

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