Thank You, But is Your Mind Part of Your Body?

Can you thank your body?

I’d thank my body but I don’t know if it can communicate enough to understand it. I guess having the gratitude is enough, or will have to be.

The idea of writing a letter to your own body is off putting. Speaking in thoughts or out loud doesn’t seem as odd.

Not that I don’t appreciate it being there, I just don’t know if it can understand anything I think (say or write) without my brain. Do you include your brain as part of your body. Probably, its part of the hardware. But, the software part, isn’t that not quite included.

Autonomy – does your mind have independence from your brain? Thinking of the mind as the software, not something tangible and physical like the brain. Without your brain your mind couldn’t really do much. Is there some kind of line between the mind and brain, where they connect but are individual too?

Anthropomorphism – is your body an inanimate object which you have feelings for due to your close association? Does that make it real, or do you make it real by existing inside of it and using your brain to make it move?

Pareidolia – Not the same as feeling connected to inanimate objects, this is seeing faces in them. Different and yet a lot of fun. I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thoughts inspired from Pieces of K Blog, writing prompts:

Write a love letter to your body thanking it for carrying you and keeping you alive.

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