Terrifically, Terribly Tardy

Being late is all kind of relative. My sister is a small business woman. When we meet for coffee/ tea (which isn’t often) I don’t ask for a precise time. I ask for an approximate hour. This is so I can be there on time, arrange my day, figuring in the bus schedule. She needs the leeway for her schedule. I’m usually the one who isn’t late.

I’ve agreed with the idea that people who are habitually late are, in some way, looking for attention, or not really wanting to show up at all. But, not in every case. There is room for a few shades of grey in the late theory.

I was known for being late as a kid. But only for school. At some point I changed. I made my own plans, I began arriving early, too early even. Don’t think I’m a shining example. I’m still late upon occasion, stuff happens like snow, sleet and hail.

Write about someone who is late. Maybe they are often late, maybe they have a reason for being late or maybe they hate being late and are feeling huge pressure to rush and somehow manage not to be late, or not so very late.

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