Technical Support on Superbowl Sunday

Trying not to talk myself out of going in to work today. It is the big Superbowl Sunday. A lot of drunks will be calling in about some trouble with their cable. Usually they start the call by saying “My TV won’t work.” Logically this is not my problem then, as I only handle the digital cable. Your TV is your own problem. But, what they really mean is the game isn’t coming in on their whatever inches TV. They always tell you the inches, I think it’s a penis thing. Sometimes they go into detail saying it’s a plasma and they have hd (a very popular boy toy), and surround sound. No doubt they are having a mid-life crises, watch way too much porn or have some other lack they make up for with their TV system.

Anyway, I get tired of listening to them rant at me. Most of them will at least listen and try to work with me at getting it fixed. There are the odd bunch who call me for help and then don’t listen to anything I tell them to do. I laugh at those and try not to get frustrated. I can easily book a technician to come out to their place, tomorrow. So, if they won’t work with me I just do that. After all, it’s not me that called looking for help. Work with me or don’t, their choice.

The most aggravating calls are from men who are sitting there watching their big penis TV systems and drinking and then something happens, like they push the wrong button on the remote. They phone up having a fit, cursing the cable company and myself. They seldom listen, too busy cursing and spewing. Then, when I book them a tech, they yell and scream about not being able to watch the game. Like I care. At that point I’d be quite happy to cut off their cable for the rest of the year.

I hope I can make it through the day at work. I’ve already been trying to talk myself out of going. It would be so easy. But, I’ve been burnt out and called in the past two days already. I’m sure a few others won’t show up today so I am going to try to be there. Not likely we will get a go home early either. Terry Lynn says the game is likely to run till after 11:00. It starts at 6:00. What a waste of a day.

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