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First, there isn’t anything weird about me. It can all be perfectly explained. There is a reason for everything and everything in it’s place. If there is something weird then it’s just your own point of view. That, or I meant to do that.

Designing Fairy has tagged me to find seven weird things about myself and then torment… I mean tag seven other blogfolk to do the same.

1. I buy a lot of books and seldom read them. I do read and recycle the fiction. But I have masses of non-fiction books which are almost all bought new and still have that new book smell. I may never read them. But, I like having them and I really am interested and often involved with or learning the subjects the books are about. I think it makes me feel happy and full of possibilities when I buy them. But, once I get them home they just intimidate me with the idea of trying to be as perfect as they think I should be.

2. I like animals and yet I don’t really want them near me. Cats are the only exception but even cats live outside. I don’t share my home with livestock willingly. There may be the odd insect who just creeps in, putting their life in peril.

3. I’m a quiet Earth Witch. I don’t write much about it. I don’t promote it or look for converts. I don’t believe in spells or any gods or worshipping anything. It’s just my own thing and I am happy keeping it to myself.

4. I’m not at all interested in cosmetics, beauty, fashion. I’d much rather look at sheet sets and other things in the bedroom and kitchen departments of stores. I have four sets of cotton jersey sheets in rich, beautiful colours.

5. I seldom talk about the issues because people look at me like I’m crazy when I discuss my opinions and ideas. I don’t agree with the popular opinion very often.

6. I have a really strong fetish for rocks and stones. I also like wood but not nearly as much as stone. I would really like to get to an old stone house and get photos. I saw one while driving last week but did not have time to stop then and it is too far to get back there any time soon.

7. I like telling people too much about myself; I try not to think about it.

Told you I wasn’t weird.

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