Unending Cliffhangers in Canadian Science Fiction Television

Most of the Canadian science fiction television show I have ever watched end in cliffhangers which are never resolved because the show gets cancelled. You can find and watch them over and over again here and there but there will never be a real ending. Unending, never ending cliffhangers.

Its not that I need a happy ending every time.… Read the rest

Will You Be Allowed to Vote?

Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. I already voted, early. Tonight I’m wondering, in this new democracy where people are allowed to make one choice only, call it coerced, whatever word you like. Will this be our last election?

First, I thought about future elections requiring a vaccine passport. Only those who have been vaccinated several times (with “the vaccine” not all those other vaccines, they just don’t count now) will be allowed to vote.… Read the rest

Slipstream Poetry

Slipstream poetry has been referred to as the, “fiction of strangeness”. Slipstream poetry crosses boundaries and leaves you feeling very odd, but in a good way. Most slipstream poetry contains some form of a science fiction or fantasy theme. The term ‘slipstream’ was coined by Bruce Sterling back in 1989, but it’s really starting to gain popularity now.

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My nephew, Zack, told me about laserpunk. It’s a culture/ art like steampunk only it looks into the future rather than the past.

Rocky Rodrigues – Uses the term Laserpunk on Twitter and Tumblr. But he doesn’t seem to be posting anything relevant to future/ science fiction sort of stuff.

I can’t find anything else about it, so far.… Read the rest

Rewrite Misogynistic History

“Men write the history books,” she added neutrally. “So naturally their take on it was that Morgan was this wicked terrible evil witch who destroyed Arthur because she could. But that’s not true at all.” Quote from “Derik’s Bane” by Mary Janice Davidson.

I’ve thought about how women are portrayed in history, a history written by men from their point of view.… Read the rest

Fiction Language Becomes Fact

It’s interesting how science fiction writers are building our future language. I don’t know who started calling the outer security layer of space ships a shield. But that term will stick. When we do have space ships, they will have shields.

Later in time, when terms are forgotten for common things we take for granted now.… Read the rest

Write a Themed Niche Blog

You want to start a blog, something new and fresh that will keep you inspired to write it and bring in lots of people to read it. I still see a lot of people starting to blog and covering the same old road-weary topics like blogging and marketing and combinations of those. It’s a mistake. Few people have enough real credentials to claim to be experts in either blogging or online marketing, both are still too new and change too quickly.… Read the rest

Fiction Plot Structure

I found several ideas for writing fiction plots, plot structures,  in an article by Kimberly Appelcline. The article goes into a lot more detail with forms of plot structure. I have taken more from this article than I usually would because the link was tricky, would not load the first few times I tried, though it did eventually.… Read the rest