Ontario History in Rocks

I’d like to read the books by Nick Eyles, about Canadian geology. Two of his books are about Ontario history and places to see for the rocks. Road Rocks Ontario and Ontario Rocks. I have always liked rocks, one of the oldest and most enduring things on our planet. Really, is there anything that can … Read more

Home Keeping and Homemaking as a Profession

I don’t like the leftover attitude about stay at home Mothers or housewives and the idea that women should be homemakers who look pretty for their man and do what they are told to do. It’s a small minded and ignorant way to treat something which is so much bigger and more important. The world … Read more

How to Write Your Own Advice Column

Writing an advice column sounds fun and easy. Until you think about being responsible for the thoughts and actions of the person who takes your advice. Then it gets a little scary. None of us are omnipotent, all knowing. After all, how often do you take your own advice? If you want to be an … Read more

Continuing My Obsession to Know Everything…

HubPages has a lot of good posts about Toronto and area history, with photos. Here are links for you to follow, if you dare share the obsession. The Gooderham Family Fort York Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, 1905 Campbell House Dominion Public Building Riverdale Farm Central Technical School Cornell House Vaughan’s Belltower Landmark Zion Schoolhouse … Read more

The Messy Etiquette Consultant

Etiquette is about manners and protocol. You can get by with common sense and courtesy. But some etiquette rules really do have to be learned, especially when dealing with cultures other than your own. It could be an interesting career choice. If you wrote a character who is an etiquette consultant how would she look, … Read more

Twitter/ ASCII Artist Interview with Andrea Pacione

The Portfolio of Andrea PacioneĀ  Andrea on Facebook and Twitter Q: How did you first find ASCII art, ANSI art, Twitter art or text art? Which style came first for you? I remember seeing ascii or text art appear in some old-school programs on my Apple IIgs family computer that I grew up with back … Read more

Analog Renaissance: Have you Seen your Last Typewriter?

The Typosphere – A term for bloggers who collect, use, and otherwise obsess over typewriters and other “obsolete” technologies, including, but not limited to, handwriting, pens and ink, paper mail and mail art, knitting and fibre arts, film photography, chip-less combustion engines, and related ephemera. Flickr: Anablogger Archives – “A repository of film photographs, doodles … Read more