Arranged Marriages via Online Dating?

Not so long ago young women of my generation were thinking how awful an arranged marriage would be. Marrying (or even dating) someone chosen for you by someone else. A blind date with the expectations of changing your life for you.

Now we give this power to online dating sites. Match us up with their algorithms and theory of personalities and data of interests… is it really any different than an arranged marriage?… Read the rest

ODP .sig Code


Saved for posterity. Most of the links don’t go very far.

ODP .sig Code

This little code originated in a forum thread back in late 2002. We have both an encoder (provided by jtaylorj) and a decoder (provided by ciaran)!

The following explanatory blurb is ripped off from the geek code. Make the appropriate modifications in your head, please.… Read the rest

51 Short and Simple Writing Prompts

  1. Describe the smell of popcorn.The allure and memories associated with it.
  2. Write a short history for a penny found in the shopping mall parking lot.
  3. You name your pet goldfish, Ichabod. What’s the story behind that?
  4. Dragons are real. Three of them just appeared in your living room looking for…
  5. Explore the world of cracked pavement.
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Paleofuture: The Old Future Plans

Paleofuture is a blog that looks at past predictions of the future. Remember flying cars, meal pills, hoverboards, jetpacks, robot maids…?

What past prediction, or fictional invention would you most like to have become real and available for everyday use? For me a time machine is the first thing I think of. But, that’s a really complicated thing to make available for everyday use.… Read the rest

Stop… I’m Not Ready

Sharon Crawford has a writer group based in the east end of Toronto, East End Writers. If you are in the area join the group and go to the events.

I was reading Sharon’s blog, Only Child Writes Blog. She writes about being the only child to older parents. In one post she began writing about only children being lonely.… Read the rest

The Further Chronicles of Bloggia

Today I’m watching a Terminator marathon on the Space channel. All the first season of the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think most interesting part of the show is the robot which Summer Glau does. Interesting about how she has a mysterious background and is already more human than any of the other robots. Also, how she becomes more human and yet is still a robot too.… Read the rest

Robotic Pets

The long awaited robot pets have finally arrived. Not like the virtual pets and chia pets and pet rocks and mechanical pets which have come before – these new robot pets look, act and feel exactly like the real animal they were designed as. But, they don’t need any maintenance unless you (the owner) chooses to do so.… Read the rest