Mad Science with Robots

Have you ever seen fights of engineering with remote controlled robots? There are TV shows like Robot Wars and Battle Bots. Robot Wars talks more about the engineering and construction of the robots. Understanding how the height, or complete flatness being low to the ground works. Figuring out whether a swinging blade of some kind … Read more

Ontario Letterboxing?

Bumbling Along is (so far) the only Canadian link I have found. I’m hoping to find more but.. there are two main sites which have world wide links and resources. Atlas Quest Letterboxing is a outdoor recreational activity which combines collecting, puzzle-solving, and treasure hunting. Briefly, letterboxing enthusiasts hide and hunt weatherproof containers in … Read more

ODP .sig Code

E+F+D+++++XDN+++G++Q+++++L?A+++HW-O++BC-T++IS-Krg Saved for posterity. Most of the links don’t go very far. ODP .sig Code This little code originated in a forum thread back in late 2002. We have both an encoder (provided by jtaylorj) and a decoder (provided by ciaran)! The following explanatory blurb is ripped off from the geek code. Make the appropriate … Read more